PDP Solves your Employee Communications Problem



PDP Introduction
Improve Performance
Measure Results - Digital Metrics
Engage Employees Interactive Tools
Build Community
Share Information - Usage Reports
PDP Process

Transform the way you Communicate with Employees

PDP Solutions’ integrated approach will radically improve, control and measure the way you communicate with employees.  We help you build a customized employee communication system that will keep employees informed, engaged and excited about your long-term growth and success. 

PDP’s purpose-built communication system and proven approach helps drive positive employee behavior and increase engagement by connecting employees to the News, Metrics, Key Information and People of your organization. 



Excerpt: "Engaged employees stay with companies for a long time. They are part of the company team, company culture, and company value. Creating company engagement drives employee retention. Retaining great employees keeps hiring and training costs low. Retaining employees can only be achieved with consistent and effective employee communication."

The Next Generation of Leadership: Studies indicate that most executives have trouble identifying what skills and experience are crucial to a company's mission. In addition, younger generations have very different definitions of what leadership is and how they want to be managed. The fact that most companies really don't know how to plan for succession or grow a next generation of leaders is perhaps the least understood crisis of our times.
Session Five Slides: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_xHmrf7r0L5anVzcm1LZG1qYTA/edit