Share Company News And Performance Metrics with Non-Desk Employees
Interactive Touchscreen Communication System

Effective Communication in the Workplace

PDP provides an internal communications system that provides real change and results for your company.   While PDP is an ongoing investment in communication, it can change both your culture and make your entire organization more engaged.  

Communication focus is on the “non-desk” employee – production line workers, truck drivers, field sales people, although PDP is a tool for all employees.  

PDP communicates the company news weekly and allows company leaders to communicate every day: Are we winning? What’s the score?

We have assembled integrated software tools and analytics to ensure your message is getting through!


Excerpt: "Engaged employees stay with companies for a long time. They are part of the company team, company culture, and company value. Creating company engagement drives employee retention. Retaining great employees keeps hiring and training costs low. Retaining employees can only be achieved with consistent and effective employee communication."