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It can be challenging to make the case for an investment in employee communications, but there are many ways in which it pays the organization back, both in the short term and long term. Here are our eleven favorite returns on your investment in employee communication. We've also included a code snippet for you to easily share our InfoGraphic with your own audience.

About PDP Solutions

We started with a great idea and tons of enthusiasm. People Driven Performance (PDP) was founded by Denny Dotson, who for 35 years served as CEO of the Dotson Company, a foundry in Mankato, Minnesota.

Dotson’s interest in frontline engagement grew out of observations and discussions he had over the years with Dotson Company manufacturing workers about what they needed to do their best work.

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Few companies realize that consistently poor communication costs money and devastates profits.  Employee engagement drives financial performance and communication is the cornerstone of an engaged workforce.  The challenge for businesses is to create an environment where employees understand and commit to the company’s direction, strategy and goals.

Leaders need to tell employees where the company is going; why it’s going there; how it’s going to get there and what they can do to help.


Watch and listen as our founder, Denny Dotson, explains the origins of PDP Solutions, and the genesis of the Dotson Foundry, all the way to how both companies continued to deliver value to customers today. Hear also what our clients have to say, and finish with a word from our president, Louise Dickmeyer.


The latest audio clips from the field. Our president gives voice to what is happening in the world of employee communications, how our clients are responding, how the PDP solution is growing, and more.

Knowing how your products and services are impacting your customers allows you to make an infinite number of refinements, forever improving your focus on the market you serve, your competitiveness and ultimately, the bottom line. A robust employee communications solution provides that market intelligence.

Two heads are better than one. And in complex production environments, the ability to harvest the brain power of dozens of skilled and experienced workers is essential. But how is that done while, at the same time, maintaining a functioning reporting structure? This is how...


Employee Communication

Increasing Productivity Through Improved Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Internal Communication is the life blood of Employee Engagement and the resulting increases in productivity.

The PDP solution is designed with non-desk employees in mind, and is particularly suited to on-the-move employees such as nurses, production workers, and other employees who can't always have regular access to desk-based computers, but who still need to know what is going on. The PDP solution provides a simple and straightforward way for employees to access everything from key company metrics to whose birthday it is this month.

People Driven Performance (PDP) is a software development company with a creative vision for providing an internal communications system that is innovative and interactive. We use an innovative, patented combination of software and touch-sensitive employee information kiosks to bring internal communications alive in typical non-desk employee environment.

Engage Empower and Align

Get access to employee engagement ideas, articles, blogs and eBooks. Keep up to date on what is happening in the world of internal communication. PDP connects you to thought provoking content and leaders in these areas to inspire you to transform your organization.

PDP System

Employees are the heart and soul of any organization. We will help you build a customized employee communication system that will keep them informed, engaged and excited about your long-term growth and success.


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