CEOs know effective employee communications is necessary to run their business.....but who has the time & expertise?
We do.

Effective Communication in the Workplace

PDP Solutions combines our touchscreen enabled software with PDP Managed Services™ to make your life easier.  A minimal investment of your time for a maximum return on employee engagement and retention.

PDP does the work for you to sustain effective, dynamic and needed employee communications.  The PDP tools support publication of news and information, a sortable employee directory and real time performance metrics.

What does PDP Managed Services™ do?  We run a disciplined (fun!) effective employee communication program customized for your company in cooperation with your team.  PDP is your communications partner.  All you bring is your desire and commitment to share information with your employees.

Your PDP CommCoach™ is an expert in:

  • Aligning all staff to strategy
  • Building community
  • Creating accountability
  • Driving improvements in KPIs
  • Engaging shop floor employees

PDP puts you on a path to higher levels of engagement and reduced employee turnover in weeks.

Share Information | Engage Employees | Improve Performance | Measure Results.

Call us now to schedule a communications consultation at 866-737-4894. 


Excerpt: "Engaged employees stay with companies for a long time. They are part of the company team, company culture, and company value. Creating company engagement drives employee retention. Retaining great employees keeps hiring and training costs low. Retaining employees can only be achieved with consistent and effective employee communication."