Episode One: The power of improved internal communications.

Whether you realize it or not, it is likely your organizations’s internal communications are lacking. Today, we kick off the inaugural series about how to turn that all around. Co-hosts Todd Schnick of Intrepid Radio and Louise Dickmeyer, president of PDP Solutions set the table on what this series is all about. Let’s get started!

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PDP Solutions, Louise Dickmeyer, intrepidNOWToday’s discussion guide:

1. What are the issues? Employee engagement is at an all-time low, greater pressure to retain valuable talent, the war on talent has never been more competitive, skilled workers average age is in the upper 50’s, baby boomers are retiring, and it is hard to keep millennials around…

2. What are the symptoms of poor internal communications? Cannot effectively communicate the mission of the company; a rampant rumor mill; poor performance, and lots of internal confusion…

3. “Your communications have to be disciplined…”

4. Can you actually “measure the impact of communications?” In other words…did your message get heard?

5. What are the key economic realities that are forcing our hand to taking internal communications more seriously than before?

6. “Your younger people still aren’t thinking about a long-term career in manufacturing….”

7. Improved internal communications impacts both your ability to keep talent, but also to RECRUIT new talent…

8. Do you understand the true reality of your millennial employees?

9. “Your new employee is ALREADY thinking about their next gig…”

10. What are the key pain points to poor communications: high turnover; employee engagement is very low; a negative impact on safety;

11. Recruitment and retention efforts are up to snuff to deal with the modern way of the talent game.

12. “A majority of your people are NOT going above and beyond…”

13. How do we begin to turn this all around? Are you making effective use of the communications tools around you?