Episode Six: Moving the KPIs with internal communication

Far too many in management fail to properly communicate with their shop floor people. But when they do, it is quite amazing to see those key performance indicators move! Today, we discuss this issue in Episode 6!

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Today’s Guest: Denny Dotson, Chairman, The Dotson Company.

Today’s discussion guide:

1. Denny shares a story that motivated him to commit to pushing effective communication practices that ultimately got his organization well ahead of the curve. But the newfound commitment came as a result of a bad situation! And sadly, the scenario is all-to-common with today’s manufacturers.

2. Denny shares the effects he witnessed after they began to share production metrics with the shop floor. He was amazed.

3. Denny also discusses the types of metrics an organization ought to consider sharing as well.

4. Finally, Denny shares advise and wisdom for leaders who are uncomfortable communicating with their shop floor employees, from his own lessons-learned.

Also, Louise and I have a quick conversation summing up the series, where we discussed the pain points felt as a result of poor communication, the ROI of effective communication, the shift from process to people, getting back time, some new research that greatly impacts this space, and then how communication can move the KPIs.