Episode Three: A necessary shift – From process to people.

Process is important, for certain, but not at the expense of your people. Today, only 30% of your employees are engaged with their work. This is staggering. Effective communication can change this. Today, we discuss people over process in Episode 3!

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Today’s discussion guide:

Today’s Guest: Kent Mogler, a manufacturing executive.

1. The key is to build trust and credibility.

2. Process alone is no longer enough.

3. A focus on metrics is critical – but focus first on performance metrics, not just financial metrics. This gets you into the “why” of what’s happening on the shop room floor.

4. This isn’t just about the numbers. This has to be emotional.

5. It is not just about projecting numbers to a scoreboard on the wall. It is about providing them in a way that can lead to meaningful action and change. And they have to be real-time and easy-to-understand, too…

6. “Your process needs to connect itself to the people…”

7. What are the communication best practices to enable this to happen?

8. “50% of communicating is listening. You have to be listening to your shop floor…”

9. “Are we winning today?”

10. There needs to be a daily conversation about what the numbers really mean, and how they impact your people.

11. To determine if you are, in fact, more concerned with people over process, you need to ensure that your communications efforts are impacting real change in your team…

12. Communicate metrics can’t just present numbers…it must initiate a conversation about what it means and how to move forward from there.

13. “To be visible is to be valuable.”

14. Are we really just talking about empowering our people?

15. How do you motivate managers to change their mindset about communicating more emotionally, and putting people over process?

16. Is your communication “one-way” focused? Or “two-way” focused?