Building & Retaining Talent Requires Shop Floor Employee Engagement

Ram Lonkar recently authored (and published in Innovation Excellence), an important blog about building and retaining a competitive talent base and delivering extraordinary customer experience.

Lonkar suggested that the customer experience has become the most important aspect in achieving success for organizations all over the world. It has become increasingly important for organizations to build and retain a competitive talent base to deliver extraordinary customer experience. This is not to discuss the integration of these two business imperatives however it is important to understand how they complement each other. They should co-exist provided an organization wants to make a difference. He continues by revealing three real value added aspects.

Respect People

Respect every individual as an individual and not look at them as just a number, irrespective of their religion, relation, color, sex, or hierarchy in an organization. It is critical that people responsible to deliver extraordinary customer experience, also experience similar treatment. Understand cultures, not just processes.

Accept and Value Differences

Different opinions must not lead to personal differences. Differences of opinion lead to creating a ‘seriously’ managed suggestion system.

Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

A problem without a possible solution is complaining. Lean and Six Sigma are about building human asset with the required training, skills, knowledge, and resources to help us develop ‘problem solving ability’. Creating an environment where the people doing the work think about problems and what they can do about solving them. Organizations need to build trust relations focused on helping people to develop the problem-solving capability required for a culture of continuous improvement.

PDP Solutions provides high-impact, interactive employee communication solutions for shop floor employees. The part of the workforce is often neglected as lean manufacturing best-practice teams forget to drill down to the shop floor, where the workers living with the production challenges have insights, perspectives, and are highly coachable when engaged by leadership.

Increase Productivity and the Bottom Line

Internal communication is the life blood of employee engagement and the resulting increase in productivity. The PDP solution is designed with non-desk employees in mind, and is particularly suited to on-the-move employees such as nurses, production workers, and other employees who cannot always have regular access to desk-based computers, but who still need to know what is going on. The PDP solution provides a simple way for employees to access important information.

This innovative approach and interactive design delivers an employee-centric engagement system, which improves employee retention, productivity, and increases profitability.

It is hard to get a consistent message to all levels of an organization. Whether employees work on the production floor, bedside with patients, or in branch offices, PDP’s touchscreen system enables manufacturers to inspire engagement.

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