Common Communication Challenges, Solved.

From enhancing workplace culture to driving performance, each of our customers come to us with unique challenges and goals. Throughout our work, though, we’ve discovered three common challenges that organizations face regarding effective internal communications. Here are the challenges and – most importantly – practical solutions that your organization can implement! 

Challenge: Communicating across shifts or locations
How do you make the same information available to everyone at the same time, regardless of what shift they work, where they are located, or whether they have access to a computer or email? Reaching all employees with the same information at the same time is a challenge. If they are spread out across shifts or locations, the challenge becomes even more difficult.

Solution: Create a single source of information
Create a single source of information that everyone knows they can trust. Take control of the information going out to employees rather than relying on word of mouth, staff meetings, or emails. When you need to communicate critical or time sensitive information, you know you can get the word out quickly and accurately. When employees have a question, they know where they can go for the answer – when they need to, wherever they are.

Challenge: Email overload
It can be tempting to overuse email to communicate internally. It’s easy and quick to fire off an email to everyone and assume that the message has been received and read. However, by some estimates, as many as 30% of employees ignore their email. And what about those employees who don’t have an email? The message never even gets to them.

Solution: Streamline communications
Create a process to streamline communications that is easily accessible to all employees. Take control of the information going out to employees, rather than assuming that everyone is reading every email. When you need to communicate critical or time sensitive information, you know you can get the word out to ALL employees quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Challenge: Focus is on external communication, not internal communication
No one disputes the importance of external communication – investing in marketing is critical to every business. Unfortunately, in most organizations internal communication is not valued as highly as external communication, so it isn’t managed or coordinated. In the absence of information, rumor mills fill the void. Employees become confused, frustrated, and ultimately apathetic toward the business and its performance.

Solution: Drive internal communication rather than chase it
The question is not whether to do internal communication – internal communication is already happening inside every organization. The question is whether to chase it or drive it. Businesses that choose to get in the driver’s seat see the benefit of strategically managing internal communication in better employee retention, higher morale, and improved company performance.

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