Cost Justification of Manufacturing Leadership Communication Services

Manufacturing CEOs know better than anyone how important it is to have accurate, real-time visibility into the health and status of important company initiatives.  The CEO is responsible for outlining the strategy of the organization, AND knowing what people are doing to make it happen; and how well it is being executed

For almost a decade PDP has been helping manufacturers break through silos of data, which can be old or disconnected from the source, namely the CEO.  Rather than asking managers to rate themselves red/yellow/green, there has been a great need to provide objective analysis on the health of CEO initiatives.

In a recent third-party survey we discovered that the Theory of Constraint was the discomfort manufacturing CEO expressed in communicating their initiatives with plant floor and middle managers.

PDP gets the teams (particularly on the shop floor) excited about using the platform of communication with modern, sleek graphics that are totally customizable to match the personality of the leadership teams. This communication dynamic is the imbedded into workflow links and job aids. This business management and optimization platform helps overcome the weakness manufacturing CEOs feel about communication.

By delivering advanced visualizations and analytics that turn multitudes of data into actionable information, the information is PUSHED, not pulled to manufacturing leaders.  By pushing this information, manufacturers avoid missing important customer deliveries; having the right amount of resources at all times; and produce statistical plans that are based on performance and eliminating obstacles.

ROI of Manufacturing Leadership Communication Services

The cost of personnel is real.  Hiring, training, engaging, and retaining a shop floor employee is very expensive according to Annie Mueller at Investopedia.  Part of the reasons that cash-strapped businesses hesitate to start hiring, even when they need employees, is due to the actual cost of hiring. It’s easy to forget that an employee, in terms of cost, means more than just the salary which can be substantial all by itself. But add in the cost of recruiting, training and more, and the dollars start growing.

Without constant communication from the leadership team, a good solid trained employee may jump ship to work for a competitor paying $14.80 per hour instead of $13.50.   To capture loyalty and retain the best workers there must be a sense of pride, participation, and part of the initiative.  There must be a career path communicated.  There must be praise and recognition for great work.  All of this boils down to impactful communication by manufacturing leaders who concede, this is not their forte.

PDP Communication Initiatives start at $18k and the solution saves 2-3 times that amount in the first year, the cost of retaining just one valuable employee.  To schedule a conversation about outsourcing this vital communication function without compromising the voice of manufacturing leadership request a meeting!

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